Unlock cutting-edge design engineering services that seamlessly blend time-tested engineering principles with state-of-the-art tools and techniques.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive catalogue of design engineering services that are innovative, precise and safe while also being cost effective and efficient.


Concept Generation

Bringing extensive experience from pivotal roles within the Research and Development departments of two major manufacturing companies in East Yorkshire, coupled with successful completion of numerous customer projects demanding innovative thinking, we’ve cultivated a comprehensive toolkit of processes. This toolkit facilitates efficient and substantial idea generation. Employing Six Sigma analysis, we can precisely calculate the most effective design concepts for progressive advancement.

3D Modelling

Drawing from extensive industrial experience in Solidworks, Creo, Siemens NX, Fusion 360, Autocad, and Blender, complemented by comprehensive training from industry-leading providers in 3D modeling, we excel in producing 2D/3D models using both Parametric Modelling and Direct (Synchronous) Modelling methods. Whether it’s intricate white body surface construction, precision sheet metal folded components, or robust solid entities, we have the capability to bring to life anything that can be imagined!

Prototyping and concept validation

We have access to cutting-edge 3D printing technologies and possess the expertise to craft both functional and aesthetically pleasing prototypes. Whether you need a rapid “looksee” for a swift assessment of a project’s viability, utilizing our in-house printing capabilities with a variety of materials, or a full-size, precise representation identical to the final product, we can leverage our network of bureaus to meet your specific requirements.

Engineering / Manufacturing drawings

Drawing from our experiences in some of the most dynamic industries, we recognize the paramount importance of precise, concise, and clear engineering drawings. Our expertise lies in crafting drawings tailored to diverse manufacturing processes. We understand that direct on-site collaboration with manufacturers is often key to ensuring seamless build and install days. Simultaneously, our drawings adhere to widely accepted engineering standards, fostering universal understanding in the engineering community. Employing a rigorous multistage approval process, we guarantee 100% confidence before moving forward to production.

Design analysis and validation

Covering a spectrum from fundamental hand calculations to comprehensive finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), we deliver thorough reports in full compliance with CE standards. Our guidance ensures the design is impeccably tailored for its intended application. Armed with industry-standard software, including Tekla Teds, we emphasize the significance of continuous analysis throughout the design process to guarantee optimal performance and reliability.